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New Certificate Process

To be globally competitive, NC State must attract the world’s best students and provide them with cutting-edge education. Effective program development is essential for achieving this goal.

Graduate Certificates (GCERTs)

The development and approval of new post baccalaureate certificates is handled entirely on campus. All proposers should familiarize themselves with the definition and minimum requirements of graduate certificates as outlined in Section 3.13 of the Graduate Handbook.

Step 1 – Consultation with the Graduate School

Groups and faculty considering the initiation of a new graduate program are urged to contact us at for an initial consultation. We will provide guidance regarding the preparation of the necessary materials, discuss budget expectations and routing processes. This initial step is essential to the timely completion of the review process.

Step 2 – New Graduate Certificate Proposal

Required documents for the submission of a new graduate certificate proposal is as follows:

The template calls for the following:

  1. Identify a program coordinator (comparable to a Graduate Service Coordinator (GSC) for graduate programs) and a program director (similar to a Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) for graduate programs); the director must have graduate faculty status.
  2. Outline admission requirements as established by the academic unit/program.
  3. Outline curriculum requirements. If the curriculum includes proposed new courses or courses taught thus far as special topics courses, the unit/program must submit course actions to create these new courses.
  4. Provide a list of faculty participants and a method for the identification of future faculty participants.
  5. Include a list of learning outcomes and an outcomes assessment plan.

Step 3 – Submit the “New Certificate” form through CIM Programs

Submit a form through CIM Programs (Request Type: “New Certificate”) and be sure to attach the Graduate Certificate Proposal under the respective section.

Open CIM Programs, and select the “Propose New Program” button, as shown below:

Once logged in with your NCSU Unity ID and password, be sure to fill out the following sections accordingly:

The selections will filter the form according to the “Request Type”. A sample of the form will include as such:

All fields outlined in red are required for submission. Once all required fields are complete, select “Start Workflow”.

Administrative Procedures

  • The program coordinator/director will monitor admission cycle of the graduate certificate program.
  • Unless otherwise requested in the proposal, the standard University tuition rate will apply for course work in certificate programs. Tuition other than the standard rate will require approval by NC State University, the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors, and will be classified as receipt income and subject to the same rules as state appropriated funds.
  • A new academic structure code (in SIS) will be created for each Graduate Certificate Program for tracking purposes. Student credit hours (SCH) will be assigned for certificate program students based on the instructor assigned to teach the courses that certificate students take.
  • The Graduate Certificate Program coordinator will notify the Dean of the Graduate School of the student’s completion of certificate requirements.
  • The Graduate School will perform an audit of the student’s record of work in the Graduate Certificate Program and, once the record is approved, will notify Registration and Records to prepare a certificate and include notification of completion on the student’s official University transcript.
  • As with all graduate programs, curriculum changes should route for approval through the appropriate college graduate committee and the Administrative Board of the Graduate School.
  • If, at any time, it is deemed the certificate program should be terminated, an official request, including teach-out plans, should be submitted to the Administrative Board.