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Catalog (CAT) Updates

The Graduate Catalog can be viewed here: The catalog (CAT) is published during the summer prior to each upcoming academic year. However, updates to courses, degree requirements, and faculty will be managed upon approval throughout the academic year.

Timeline for CAT Approval and PublishingDeadlines
Deadline for CAT Edits by Program (for next edition)May 28, 2021
Deadline for CAT Approval by Graduate SchoolJune 2021
Publishing of Next EditionJuly 2021
The timeline is subject to change, however, all changes will be communicated via email by

The Graduate School limits the type of edits programs can request, which include:

Program Page Edits

  • “Overview” tab: heading updates (text & styles), body updates (content, url links, email links)
  • “Faculty” tab: addition of research areas and faculty websites

Plan Pages

  • “Career Opportunities” tab: heading updates (text & styles), body updates (content, url links, email links)
  • Certificate “Overview” tab: heading updates (text & styles), body updates (content, url links, email links)

For more details regarding editing limitations, please see the following document:

Once logged into the “Next” editing environment, the CAT page will have the following button in the top-right corner:

The button will open the toolbar that will show editing tools at the top and the bottom of the page:

“Overview” tabs live on program pages and certificate plan pages. To edit the content on the “Overview” tab, select the “Page Body” icon on the editing toolbar, as shown below:

The “Page Body” icon will open an editing window, as shown below:

Select “OK” to save the changes and reflect them in the editing screen. Selecting “Cancel” will erase and revert back any unsaved changes to the content.

Faculty lists are built into program pages and are used as “borrowed content” (a copy of the information from the original tab) for the plan page and subplan pages. Graduate faculty are listed as follows:

The Graduate School maintains the faculty lists continuously throughout the academic year. Names and ranks are pulled from the Student Information Systems (SIS) through a query maintained by Human Resources. Faculty members are listed by “Academic Rank Description” and NOT “Status Level”. You can find a break-down of the Lists by Academic Rank description here:

Page owners have the ability to add a “Title”, “Areas of Research”, and “Profile Link” to each faculty member entry. On the Program page, select the “Faculty” icon on the editing toolbar as shown below:

The following window will pop-up:

Double-click the faculty member’s name to open the individual record:

Make changes accordingly and select “OK”. Selecting “Cancel” will not save the changes to the record. The window should automatically close and bring you back to the “Faculty List” window.

Once back to the “Faculty List” window, be sure to make all desired changes and select “OK” at the bottom of the screen. Selecting “Cancel” will delete/revert all updates you made to the faculty records. Saving updates to the “Faculty” tab will update across all plan pages.

If you have any questions about the faculty lists, please email:

The “Degree Requirements” tabs and “Plan Requirements” tabs located on plan and subplan pages.

The content on these tabs are managed through Course Inventory Management for Programs (CIM Programs). To request Degree / Plan Requirement changes, please contact for more information.

When plan/subplan pages are built, included in the tab options is the “Career Opportunities” tab. This tab does not include any content and is optional for programs to utilize. If a program would like to utilize this tab, simple go to the editing environment of the plan page, and select the following icon on the editing toolbar:

The following window will pop-up:

Content can be added the same way as the “Overview” tab content. Once all content is added/updated, select “OK”. Selecting “Cancel” will delete/revert any content/changes made.

All pages, whether or not they contain updates, need to go through the workflow at least once a year. This needs to be initiated in May to apply to the publishing of the following academic year’s catalog.

Once all page edits are complete across all the page’s tabs, you will need to submit each page for “GS CAT Reviewer” approval. This is done by selecting the “Start Workflow” button at the bottom-right corner of the edit screen, as shown below:

Graduate School Resources

CourseLeaf Resources (Unity ID credentials required for access)

Previous NCSU CourseLeaf Training Sessions

Email regarding the password for the training video.