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Program Modifications

Identify what type of program action you are considering; you will find below a detailed description of the process.

If what you are considering is not listed below, please, contact us at Changes to undergraduate programs require separate routing through the Office of Undergraduate Courses and Curricula.

Curriculum Change – MajorCurriculum Change – Minor
Change Program CIP CodeChanging Program Curricula
Changing the Degree/Program nameChanging Concentration/Subplan Name
Establishing new Delivery Mode
Requesting Premium Tuition

Establishing New Delivery Modes

Establishing a new delivery mode (distance education or new site) for an existing degree program is initiated by the completion of the Request to Deliver form.

Groups and faculty considering the initiation of a Request to Deliver for both degree programs and/or certificates are urged to contact us at for an initial orientation. We will provide guidance regarding the preparation of the necessary materials, discuss budget expectations and routing processes. This initial step is essential to the timely completion of the review process.

Submit a form through CIM Programs and be sure to attach the Request to Deliver under the respective section.