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Program Modifications

Identify what type of program modification you are considering; you will find below a detailed description of the process:

Curriculum Change – MajorCurriculum Change – Minor
Change Program CIP CodeChange Degree Requirements
Change the Degree/Program nameChange Concentration/Subplan Name
Establish new Delivery ModeChange Program Academic Org Ownership
Request Premium Tuition

Prior to submitting a curriculum change request, all proposers MUST consult with The Graduate School.

Changes to undergraduate programs require separate routing through the Office of Undergraduate Courses and Curricula.

Curriculum Change – Major

A Curriculum Change – Major program modification is determined by actions that must receive approval beyond Administrative Board of the Graduate School (ABGS).

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) provides a taxonomic scheme that supports the accurate tracking and reporting of fields of study and program completions activity; see here for more information.

Changing the CIP code of an existing program is initiated through a memorandum which must include

  • name and definition of the current CIP code
  • name and definition of the requested CIP code
  • justification for changing the CIP code

If the request involves a change from a non STEM CIP code to a STEM CIP code (see here for details), then Request to Change CIP code from non-STEM to STEM form the UNC SO must be used.

Changing the name or degree title of an existing graduate program is initiated through a memorandum which must include

  • name and contact information of the initiator
  • explanation for the proposed change
  • explanation of a teach out plan for current students
  • if applicable, also include a list of programs/departments that may be impacted by this action and the documentation corresponding to consults with them.

Establishing a new delivery mode (distance education or new site) for an existing degree program is initiated by the completion of the Request to Deliver form. A completed UNC System Academic Program Planning Worksheet must also be provided.

These requests are handled by the Provost Office, see here.

Curriculum Change – Minor

A Curriculum Change – Minor program modification is determined by actions that do NOT need approval beyond the Administrative Board of the Graduate School (ABGS).

The Plan Requirements in CIM Programs are dynamic with the the Degree/Plan Requirements in the NCSU Graduate Catalog. Once the Plan/Degree Requirements are updated, the Graduate School will update the Degree Audit. Departments are required to explain why the plan/degree requirement changes are being made, and any use of coursework outside the program’s college requires a consultation with that other college prior to approval.

See below for an example:

CIM for Programs Plan Requirements

NCSU Graduate Catalog

Changing/updating the name of the plan’s concentration/subplan for marketing or recruitment purposes does not have the same process as changing the name of the entire program. Departments are required to add justification for the change, as well as consult with any colleges that share similarities to the concentration names.

Once a new Academic Organization is created, a department has the option to change ownership of a program based on the Academic Organization’s purpose. The Academic Organization change requires justification for the purpose of the change.