Access Instructions

Whenever a personnel change occurs in a department involving the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) and/or the Graduate Services Coordinator (GSC), there can sometimes be delays in getting the new people the access they need to various resources. The information on this webpage should help facilitate the transition and minimize these potential delays.

The first step in getting proper access is informing the Graduate School by filling out the DGP/GSC Security Request Form.

How to make a SAR request for DGP or Graduate Services Coordinator:

All requests for access to student-related data are submitted through the SAR (System Access Request) system. For detailed instructions on using SAR, please visit the SAR Website. At this website, you can access the SAR training guide or sign up for SAR training. Before any access can be requested in SAR, a new employee must have an employee id number that is generated when their hire action is approved.

If you do not know or cannot determine who in your department or college is responsible for submitting SAR requests, email and the information will be provided to you. The Department Head (DH) or his/her designee, typically a departmental or college HR or accounting contact person, or Dean/Vice Chancellor (DVC), or his/her designee, can enter the request into SAR. They will request access to a standard set of resources (described below) that we have determined a DGP or Graduate Services Coordinator will typically need. Here are the steps that should be followed:

  1. Once you have logged into SAR, click the “Update Access” link to add a request. Enter the last name or employee id of the person for whom access is being requested, click the search button and then click the Continue button.
  2. Scroll down through the choices in the box and choose the one labeled “Student Information – SIS” and click the Continue button.
  3. Click on the “SIS Role Selection” tab.Add the following SIS roles for a DGP – Graduate Plan of Work Template, Graduate Program Director, Query Reporting – Admissions, Query Reporting – Stu Records, SR Graduation Officer Dept, SR Records Inquiry.Add the following roles for a Graduate Services Coordinator – Graduate Plan of Work Template, Graduate Department Secretary, Query Reporting – Admissions, Query Reporting – Stu Records, SR Graduation Officer Dept, SR Records Inquiry.

    * “Query Reporting – Stu Records” gives a Graduate Services Coordinator the ability to view (inquiry only) a DGPs worklist.

  4. To grant Slate access, you will also need the following SIS roles outlined on our Slate webpage.
  5. Make another SAR request, this time for HR (Human Resources) access.Add the following HR role for a DGP and a Graduate Services Coordinator – Campus Query Grad Faculty.

What’s Next: Training and InfoWeb Access

The Graduate School also provides hands-on, individualized or group training on using SIS, NextGen, AY, and other resources. Therefore, as soon as your access request is processed, we will be happy to schedule a training session with the new person. Your college liaison would come to the new person’s office for a hands-on session (approximately two hours long), typically during the morning hours. Simply contact Lian Lynch when the time comes (i.e., as soon as you have been notified that the SAR request for access has been processed) and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

The SAR process described above does NOT include access to InfoWeb, the Graduate School’s interactive, web-based secure data repository for use by University & Graduate School administrative personnel, Deans, Associate Deans, DGP’s, and Graduate Services Coordinators. Please do not request access to InfoWeb through SAR; the Graduate School Information Systems team sets that up separately after receiving notification from you that your security request has been processed.

Thank you for giving the NC State Graduate School the opportunity to serve you. Should you have further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School Webmaster.