Campus Contacts

NC State is full of people who are here to help you administer your programs and support your students. The Graduate School is happy to be your first line of support, but there are many other offices that may be more directly useful, depending on your needs.

The Graduate School

The mission of the Graduate School is to serve as a catalyst for excellence in graduate education at NC State. The Graduate School is here to create consistency across colleges and ensure the integration of graduate education at the University. Staff of the Graduate School are highly trained in a variety of topics related to managing graduate programs and are available to answer questions, as well as, provide resources and assistance to the campus community.

The Graduate Admissions Office assists departments and students with applying to graduate school, as well as the processes of being admitted to the University.

From the time a student is admitted to the time they graduate, the College Liaisons work with departments to administer graduate programs. From answering general academic questions to facilitating exam planning, Liaisons are here to support departments.

The Student Funding Office assists departments in financially supporting their students. From hiring a student into an Assistantship, or awarding them with a Fellowship, to making sure they are meeting eligibility requirements to receive benefits through the Graduate Student Support Plan.

Residency requests for graduate students is processed through the Residency Office in the Graduate School. This office works with students to answer questions and facilitate the residency review process.

The Graduate School manages all graduate data at the university. The Graduate School can also assist departments in preparing reports requested by external or internal offices.

The professional development group offers students multiple opportunities for professional development weather they wish to pursue a career in academia or private industry.

The Office of International Services (OIS)

The Office of International Services assists departments and students with navigating the special needs of international students attending NC State on a training visa (e.g. F-1 or J-1 visa).

Cashier’s Office

The Cashier’s Office manages student billing, as well as sponsored payments by departments (GA1 requests) and  external sponsors.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office provides support to students seeking financial support to pay for their graduate education.

Registration and Records

Registration and Records manages official transcripts, diplomas, and enrollment verifications.

Department Graduate Service Coordinators

Graduate Service Coordinators in other departments can be a great resource in helping to navigate managing your own graduate program.