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GSC Toolkit

Whether you are new to your position or looking for some refreshers, this page is here to help give you the tools needed to be successful as a Graduate Service Coordinator (GSC). Graduate Service Coordinators (GSC) work with students and Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) to help manage graduate programs. In the Graduate School, we work closely with this GSCs to give them the guidance needed to perform their jobs.

Graduate Service Coordinator Guide

It is important to note that every department is different and so job duties for every GSC will also vary. Below is a guide to help walk you through some of the basics of being a GSC and guide to perform the job.

  • Graduate Service Coordinator Guide (offline – currently being updated)

Graduate Terminology Cheat Sheet

Graduate education at NC State has its own lingo. To help you navigate all of the acronyms and terms used, check out the Terminology Cheat Sheet.

Graduate Administrator Security Request

If you have a new GSC or DGP in your department, notify the Graduate School with the DGP/GSC Security Request Form to get that person access needed for their new position.