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Approve Prior Credit

DGPs may use the Graduate Degree Audit WorkCenter to approve certain types of prior credit.

The only courses that will show on the degree audit are those taken in the Graduate career. Students can request to transfer the following types of credit to their graduate degree audit via the MyPack Portal: prior NCSU credit (courses taken as NDS or at the UGRD level) and previous master’s credit from another university (doctoral students only). The DGP can review these types of prior credit requests via the Graduate Degree Audit WorkCenter.

Please note:

  • Doctoral students must initiate non-NCSU previous master’s credit requests; DGPs and GSCs cannot add previous master’s credit to the degree audit on the student’s behalf.
  • Doctoral students who completed their master’s at NCSU do not need to submit a previous master’s credit request; all courses taken during the Graduate career will display in their doctoral degree audit. A yellow warning symbol will indicate courses that are being used toward multiple plans (i.e. master’s and doctoral degrees).
  • DGPs do have access to process prior NCSU credit without the student submitting a request; please see the instructions on this page.

How to access the Graduate Degree Audit WorkCenter

MyPack Portal > Student Information System > Advising tile > Graduate Degree Planning > DGP Degree Audit WorkCenter

  1. Log into MyPack Portal
  2. View your Student Information System Homepage
  3. Select the ‘Advising’ tile
  4. From the left-hand navigation menu, select ‘Graduate Degree Planning’
  5. Select ‘DGP Degree Audit WorkCenter’

In the WorkCenter, navigate to the second tab:

Approve Previous Master’s Credit

Doctoral students in programs that have been switched from the Plan of Work to the degree audit must request their non-NCSU previous master’s credit via the MyPack portal in order to receive that credit in their degree audit. To review/approve those requests:

Click the student’s name under the “Previous Masters Waivers” section:

On the next screen, you may review the student’s transcripts and adjust the “Approved Units” if needed (see screenshot below). You may also edit the “Unmet Requirements” checkboxes if you would like to apply the previous master’s credit to different requirements in the student’s degree audit. Finally, click the “Approve All Selected” (or “Deny All”) button at the bottom of the page. The student will receive a notification email that states, “Your Previous Masters Credit waiver request has been evaluated. Please check your degree audit.”

The previous master’s credit will appear on the student’s degree audit as waivers (“WA”):

Approve Prior NC State Credit

Students in all programs (whether they have been switched to the degree audit or are still on the Plan of Work) may request prior NCSU credit via the MyPack portal. To review/approve these requests:

Click the student’s name under the “Prior NCSU Credit” section:

Click the appropriate decision in the “Actions” box for each requested course, then click the “Process Actions” button at the bottom of the page (see screenshot below). The student will receive a notification email that states, “Your prior NCSU credit request has been processed. To see the outcome, please go to the ‘Prior NCSU Credit’ page in the portal” (and the navigation to that page is provided). After an overnight refresh of the system, the approved course(s) will automatically populate in the student’s degree audit.