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New Master’s, Doctoral, or First Professional Degree Programs

New Master’s, Doctoral or First Professional Degree Programs

Procedure for On-Campus and System Level Approval

The development of new Master’s, Doctoral, of First Professional degree programs requires the completion of UNC System Policy No. 400.1.1[R] Letter of Intent (and relevant On-Campus Routing Form) and Request to Establish (and relevant On-Campus Routing Form). The Signature Page are also required for routing the documents through the NC State campus approval process.

Please note that budgets are required for Letters of Intent and Requests to Establish. Programs may use this Budget Template and insert the budget into the proposal document.

The development and approval process for Requests to Plan and Requests to Establish is as follows:

  • Departments/faculty should work with the appropriate College(s) and The Graduate School during the early planning process. All new program proposals must be approved by the Provost prior to starting the approval process. Click here for the Academic Programing Planning and Prioritization Process. A tracking number will be provided for new program proposals by the Graduate School. (Contact Dr. Peter Harries, Interim Dean, to begin this process)
  • Department Head(s) (or program coordinator for interdisciplinary programs) endorse both the Request to Plan and Request to Establish and submit to the College Dean(s).
  • College Graduate Committee(s) recommend.
  • Consultation should take place between the College Dean’s Office and Provost.
  • College Dean(s) endorse and submit to the Graduate School an electronic file and one signed hard copy.
  • Substantive Change Review Team informed and SACSCOC notified, if necessary.
  • Administrative Board of the Graduate School recommends (meets every two weeks during the academic year).
  • Graduate Operations Council is informed (meets 1st Wednesday of each month).
  • Dean of the Graduate School approves and submits to Provost.
  • Vice Provosts informed.
  • Recommended by the Deans Council (meets 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month).
  • Recommended by Chancellor’s Executive Officers.
  • University Council informed (meets September, November, January, and April).
  • Board of Trustees informed (meets September, November, February, and April).
  • Provost Approves and submits to Chancellor.
  • Chancellor approves and Request to Plan and Request to Establish are submitted to UNC System Office by the Provost’s Office.

Routing and Review Process at the UNC System Office

Each campus may have no more than five active new degree program proposals submitted to the UNC System Office. This includes both undergraduate and graduate programs. Once the Request to Plan is approved by the UNC System office, the campus will have four months to submit the Request to Establish.

Click on the links below for the approval process flowchart and timelines. Note that the UNC System Office requires that we respond within four weeks to their request for information.

Master’s program flowchart and timeline.

Doctoral Programs flowchart and timeline.

Adding DE delivery or New Site flowchart and timeline.