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Program Curriculum Changes (except name changes)

Departments/programs that wish to make curriculum changes such as changes in degree requirements including courses, and credits, for an existing graduate degree program must submit a formal proposal for approval by the Graduate School. Departments/programs seeking recognition as Professional Science Master’s should use this same procedure in addition to obtaining Professional Science Master’s affiliation.

The proposal should include the following:

  • Background: An overview explanation of why the change(s) is being requested; how will it improve the degree program.
  • Proposed changes: List each proposed change and the specific rationale for that change.
  • Logistics: When is the changed proposed to be effective. How will current students in the program be handled? (note: Generally changes are effective for the subsequent fall semester. Current students are assumed to be required to complete the requirements in place when they entered the program unless otherwise agreed upon by the student and program.)
  • Copy of Current Curriculum
  • Copy of Proposed Curriculum
  • Approval/Signatures. The proposal must be approved by the department/program, college, and graduate school. See required Signature Page that should be included as part of the proposal package.
  • Graduate School/Campus/UNC System Office Approval: Once received in the Graduate School, the action will be processed as needed. Generally, items only requiring on campus approval (changes in courses, credit hours, etc.) will be handled as “Operational Items” on the Administrative Board agenda and, once approved, will be implemented as outlined above (see note under logistics).
  • Transcript Notation: The PSM will be noted on the student’s transcript as either:
    “Program Name”: Professional Science Master’s , or
    “Concentration Name”: Professional Science Master’s.