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Alison Deviney

Biological and Agricultural Engineering


  • Research Interests: My research focus is on using a systems thinking approach to addressing complex challenges in animal agriculture. I’m currently working on how to conserve and recover nutrients from liquid manure on hog farms in NC.
  • Hobbies: kayaking, hiking, space exploration, building stuff
  • Mentoring Philosophy: My job as a mentor is not to tell someone what they should or should not do, but rather to help guide them to find their own path. I like to ask questions. I want to know the details, the nuances, the doubts of the person I am helping. I want to build their belief in their own abilities. I know there is nothing I—or they—can’t do if we really try.
  • Mentoring Specialties: academic skills, writing, time management, teamwork, work/life/family integration, master’s thesis, networking, working with advisors, first year experience, managing finances/budgeting, nontraditional student experience