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Accessing Slate

Use your NC State Unity ID credentials to log into Slate at Slate can also be accessed through the Admissions tile in MyPack Portal by selecting “Slate Graduate Admissions” in the left navigation menu.

To access Slate, you must have the Slate Graduate Admissions SAR role or be assigned as a Faculty Reviewer. Additionally, all users must complete the required admissions training by emailing their name and unity ID to DGPs and GSCs should also complete this form in addition to to requesting the Slate Graduate Admissions SAR role:

How to Give Faculty Reviewers Access

To give faculty reviewers permission to read applications, you will need to add them to your program’s setup page within the MyPack Portal (Student Information System). Click on the Admissions tile, and then select Admission Program Security from the left navigation menu. Enter your program abbreviation and click search. Click on the Faculty Reviewers tab at the top and use the +/- buttons to add or remove faculty reviewers (see image below).

Once faculty members have been given access, their security role will be updated overnight and they will then be able to review applications in Slate.