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Mauri Hickin


  • Research Interests: I am fascinated by insect feeding biology and nutrition in regards to insect rearing. Insect rearing is a multi-faceted field that is necessary for Entomology research as well as understanding insect pests and how to get rid of them.
  • Hobbies:¬†mountain biking, hiking, and knitting
  • Mentoring Philosophy: My mentoring philosophy is to develop a relationship founded on mutual respect where a student is encouraged to grow and find what truly motivates and excites them. This relationship is dependable and flexible because each student is unique with their own goals, aspirations and challenges.
  • Mentoring Specialties:¬†academic skills, time management, collaboration, teamwork, work/life/family integration, data analysis, data visualization, master’s thesis, job market, networking, working with advisors, first year experience, life skills, relationship management, dog for play date available!