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Micaela Hayes

Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences


  • Research Interests: My research interest is studying ways to improve nutrition through the lens of food science. My research seeks to understand how we can select for plants of greater nutritional density and process them in a way that improves the delivery of the plants nutrients.
  • Hobbies: fitness, good conversation over coffee, getting outside
  • Mentoring Philosophy:┬áIt has been said that to be cared for is one thing but to be known and cared for another thing entirely. As a mentor I aim to have a pulse on the needs of my mentee so that I can have the greatest capacity and the best discernment on how to best mentor each individual mentee.
  • Mentoring Specialties: academic skills, writing, time management, teamwork, quantitative methods, data visualization, industry, life skills, managing finances/budgeting