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Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship Award

The Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship recognizes outstanding graduate-levelteaching at North Carolina State University.  The award is $4,000.

All members of the graduate faculty are eligible for nomination. Nominations are submitted through each College’s Deans Office, and interdisciplinary nominations are submitted through Dr. Peter Harries, Dean of the Graduate School. Each College may submit up to two nomination packets. If nominations are sent directly from a department/program, they will be returned.

The Selection Committee, consisting of the Dean of the Graduate School, President of the Graduate Student Association, last year’s award recipients, and one member of the Administrative Board of the Graduate School, will recommend award recipients to the NC State Alumni Association.

Nominations should contain the following materials in the order listed in one PDF document:

  1. Selection confirmation from the College Dean or designee
  2. Letter of recommendation supporting the College selection(s) from the College Selection Committee Chair, or the Department Head/Chair, or the Director of Graduate Programs (3-page maximum)
  3. Current vita (5 pages in length only, focusing on contributions to graduate teaching, graduate mentoring, graduate course creation, etc.)
  4. Letters of reference from students (may be from former students, current students) (maximum of 3 one-page letters; the letters should contain information pertaining to the faculty member’s teaching, research, and mentorship in graduate education) Examples of supporting evidence may be included in the nomination packet:
  5. Letters of reference from NC State or external references who can speak to the nominee’s impact on graduate education at NC State or their impact on a national or international level (3-page maximum)
  6. Significant curricular contributions (development of graduate courses and curricula, graduate courses taught, significant participation in courses at other universities, significant contributions to interdisciplinary efforts, etc.) (3-page maximum)
  7. A 3-page narrative describing the significant contributions of up to five of the nominee’s NC State graduate students

Nominations for these awards should be submitted electronically by the College Deans or their designees in one PDF file, formatted in the above numerical order listed, to: Peter Harries, Dean of the Graduate School and Chair of the Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship Committee, at

Past recipients of Alumni Association Distinguished
Graduate Professorships

NameSchool and Department
Richard D. Gilbert (1983)Textiles – Textile Chemistry
William A. Jackson (1984)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Soil Science
John B. O’Neal, Jr. (1985)Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bibhuti B. Bhattacharyya (1986)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Statistics
Ernest Hodgson (1987)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Toxicology
Josef S. Gratzl (1988)Forest Resources – Wood and Paper Sciences
Mehmet N. Ozisik (1989)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Charles B. Davey (1989)Forest Resources – Forestry
Fred R. DeJarnette (1990)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Stanley W. Buol (1990)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Soil Science
Hassan A. Hassan (1991)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
W. Wayne Skaggs (1991)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Bio. & Ag. Engineering
John David Smith (1992)Humanities and Social Sciences – History
Paul Z. Zia (1992)Engineering – Civil Engineering
Todd R. Klaenhammer (1993)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Food Science
Hou-Min Chang (1993)Forest Resources – Wood and Paper Science
Ruben Carbonell (1994)Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Gary Mitchell (1994)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Robert Davis (1995)Engineering – Material Sciences and Engineering
Henry Sanoff (1995)Design – Architecture
Robin Gardner (1996)Engineering – Nuclear Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Mason Pharr (1996)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Horticultural Science
David F. Ollis (1997)Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Harold E. Swaisgood (1997)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Food Science
Kenneth B. Adler (1998)Veterinary Medicine – Anatomy, Physiological Sci. Radiology
Salah M. Bedair (1998)Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carol K. Hall (1998)Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Carolyn R. Miller (1999)Humanities and Social Sciences – English
Salah E. Elmaghraby (1999)Engineering – Industrial Engineering
Wayne A. Thompkins (1999)Veterinary Medicine – Immunology
H. Thomas Banks (2000)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Mathematics
Michael D. Schulman (2000)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Sociology and Anthropology
Walter A. Wolfram (2000)Humanities and Social Sciences – English
Thom J. Hodgson (2001)Engineering – Industrial Engineering
Robert J. Nemanich (2001)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Roger H. Clark (2002)Design – Architecture
Harry G. Perros (2002)Engineering – Computer Science
Marie Davidian (2003)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Statistics
Don C. Locke (2003)Education – Adult Community College Education
Mohamed Bourham (2004)Engineering – Nuclear Engineering
Meredith Davis (2004)Design – Graphic Design
David E. Aspnes (2005)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Shu-Cherng Fang (2005)Engineering – Industrial Engineering
Frank A. Blazich (2006)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Horticultural Science
Saad A. Khan  (2006)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Susan Brandeis (2007)Design – Art and Design
Denis O. Gray (2007)Humanities and Social Sciences – Psychology
Robert M. Kelly (2007)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Russell King (2008)Engineering – Industrial and Systems Engineering
Barbara Sherry (2008)Veterinary Medicine – Molecular Biomedical Sciences
Frederick W. Cubbage (2009)Natural Resources – Forestry & Environmental Resources
Peter S. Fedkiw (2009)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Gerald Lucovsky (2010)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Jim Edmond Riviere (2010)Veterinary Medicine – Population Health and Pathobiology
Hugh A. Devine (2011)Natural Resources – Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
John J. Seater (2011)Management – Economics
Y. Richard Kim (2012)Engineering – Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Hiller Spires (2012)Education – Curriculum, Instruction & Counselor Education
Christopher M. Anson (2013)Humanities and Social Sciences – English
Samuel L. Jones (2013)Veterinary Medicine – Clinical Sciences
Wilton Barnhardt (2014)College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Audrey Jaeger (2014)College of Education
Gail Jones (2014)College of Education
Abdel-Fattah M. Seyam (2014)College of Textiles
Anastasios Tsiatis (2015)Sciences – Statistics
Hien Tran (2015)Sciences – Mathematics
Richard Spontak (2015)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Stephen Michielsen (2015)Textiles – Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science
Barry K. Goodwin (2016)Poole College of Management – Economics
Hasan Jameel (2016)Natural Resources – Forest Biomaterials
Munindar Singh (2016)Engineering – Computer Science
Xiangwu Zhang (2016)Textiles – Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science
Anthony Blikslager (2017)Veterinary Medicine – Clinical Sciences
Gregory Parsons (2017)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Alyssa Rockenbach (2017)Education – Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Developoment
David Schultz (2017)Sciences – Chemistry
Alun Lloyd (2018)Sciences – Mathematics
George Rouskas (2018)Sciences – Engineering – Computer Science
William Oxenham (2018)Sciences – Textiles – Textile Engineering, Chemistry
Thomas Parker (2018)Sciences – Humanities and Social Sciences – History
Craig Friend (2019)Humanities and Social Sciences – History
Mohammed Gabr (2019)Engineering – Civil Engineering and Construction
Marguerite Moore (2019)Textiles – Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management
Fuh-Gwo Yuan (2019)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jorge Piedrahita (2020)Veterinary Medicine – Molecular Biomedical Sciences
Ryan Emanuel (2020)Natural Resources – Forestry and Environmental
Elizabeth Dickey (2020)Engineering – Materials Science and Engineering
Sarah Carrier (2020)Education – Science Education
Stacy Nelson (2021)Natural Resources – Forestry and Environmental Resources
Steve Barr (2021)Poole College of Management – Department of Management, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship
Stephen Wiley (2021)Humanities and Social Sciences – CRDM (Communication)
Paul Franzon (2021)Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kara Peters (2021)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering