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Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship Award

The Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship recognizes outstanding graduate-level teaching at North Carolina State University. The award is $4,000.

Recipients of Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorships

NameSchool and Department
Richard D. Gilbert (1983)Textiles – Textile Chemistry
William A. Jackson (1984)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Soil Science
John B. O’Neal, Jr. (1985)Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bibhuti B. Bhattacharyya (1986)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Statistics
Ernest Hodgson (1987)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Toxicology
Josef S. Gratzl (1988)Forest Resources – Wood and Paper Sciences
Mehmet N. Ozisik (1989)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Charles B. Davey (1989)Forest Resources – Forestry
Fred R. DeJarnette (1990)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Stanley W. Buol (1990)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Soil Science
Hassan A. Hassan (1991)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
W. Wayne Skaggs (1991)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Bio. & Ag. Engineering
John David Smith (1992)Humanities and Social Sciences – History
Paul Z. Zia (1992)Engineering – Civil Engineering
Todd R. Klaenhammer (1993)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Food Science
Hou-Min Chang (1993)Forest Resources – Wood and Paper Science
Ruben Carbonell (1994)Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Gary Mitchell (1994)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Robert Davis (1995)Engineering – Material Sciences and Engineering
Henry Sanoff (1995)Design – Architecture
Robin Gardner (1996)Engineering – Nuclear Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Mason Pharr (1996)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Horticultural Science
David F. Ollis (1997)Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Harold E. Swaisgood (1997)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Food Science
Kenneth B. Adler (1998)Veterinary Medicine – Anatomy, Physiological Sci. Radiology
Salah M. Bedair (1998)Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carol K. Hall (1998)Engineering – Chemical Engineering
Carolyn R. Miller (1999)Humanities and Social Sciences – English
Salah E. Elmaghraby (1999)Engineering – Industrial Engineering
Wayne A. Thompkins (1999)Veterinary Medicine – Immunology
H. Thomas Banks (2000)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Mathematics
Michael D. Schulman (2000)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Sociology and Anthropology
Walter A. Wolfram (2000)Humanities and Social Sciences – English
Thom J. Hodgson (2001)Engineering – Industrial Engineering
Robert J. Nemanich (2001)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Roger H. Clark (2002)Design – Architecture
Harry G. Perros (2002)Engineering – Computer Science
Marie Davidian (2003)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Statistics
Don C. Locke (2003)Education – Adult Community College Education
Mohamed Bourham (2004)Engineering – Nuclear Engineering
Meredith Davis (2004)Design – Graphic Design
David E. Aspnes (2005)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Shu-Cherng Fang (2005)Engineering – Industrial Engineering
Frank A. Blazich (2006)Agriculture and Life Sciences – Horticultural Science
Saad A. Khan  (2006)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Susan Brandeis (2007)Design – Art and Design
Denis O. Gray (2007)Humanities and Social Sciences – Psychology
Robert M. Kelly (2007)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Russell King (2008)Engineering – Industrial and Systems Engineering
Barbara Sherry (2008)Veterinary Medicine – Molecular Biomedical Sciences
Frederick W. Cubbage (2009)Natural Resources – Forestry & Environmental Resources
Peter S. Fedkiw (2009)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Gerald Lucovsky (2010)Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Physics
Jim Edmond Riviere (2010)Veterinary Medicine – Population Health and Pathobiology
Hugh A. Devine (2011)Natural Resources – Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
John J. Seater (2011)Management – Economics
Y. Richard Kim (2012)Engineering – Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Hiller Spires (2012)Education – Curriculum, Instruction & Counselor Education
Christopher M. Anson (2013)Humanities and Social Sciences – English
Samuel L. Jones (2013)Veterinary Medicine – Clinical Sciences
Wilton Barnhardt (2014)College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Audrey Jaeger (2014)College of Education
Gail Jones (2014)College of Education
Abdel-Fattah M. Seyam (2014)College of Textiles
Anastasios Tsiatis (2015)Sciences – Statistics
Hien Tran (2015)Sciences – Mathematics
Richard Spontak (2015)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Stephen Michielsen (2015)Textiles – Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science
Barry K. Goodwin (2016)Poole College of Management – Economics
Hasan Jameel (2016)Natural Resources – Forest Biomaterials
Munindar Singh (2016)Engineering – Computer Science
Xiangwu Zhang (2016)Textiles – Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science
Anthony Blikslager (2017)Veterinary Medicine – Clinical Sciences
Gregory Parsons (2017)Engineering – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Alyssa Rockenbach (2017)Education – Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Developoment
David Schultz (2017)Sciences – Chemistry
Alun Lloyd (2018)Sciences – Mathematics
George Rouskas (2018)Sciences – Engineering – Computer Science
William Oxenham (2018)Sciences – Textiles – Textile Engineering, Chemistry
Thomas Parker (2018)Sciences – Humanities and Social Sciences – History
Craig Friend (2019)Humanities and Social Sciences – History
Mohammed Gabr (2019)Engineering – Civil Engineering and Construction
Marguerite Moore (2019)Textiles – Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management
Fuh-Gwo Yuan (2019)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jorge Piedrahita (2020)Veterinary Medicine – Molecular Biomedical Sciences
Ryan Emanuel (2020)Natural Resources – Forestry and Environmental
Elizabeth Dickey (2020)Engineering – Materials Science and Engineering
Sarah Carrier (2020)Education – Science Education
Stacy Nelson (2021)Natural Resources – Forestry and Environmental Resources
Steve Barr (2021)Poole College of Management – Department of Management, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship
Stephen Wiley (2021)Humanities and Social Sciences – CRDM (Communication)
Paul Franzon (2021)Engineering – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kara Peters (2021)Engineering – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Blair L. Kelley (2022)Interdisciplinary Studies- CHASS
Jan Genzer (2022)Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Joy G. Gayles (2022)Higher Education
Erin Seekamp (2022)Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
Duncan Lascelles (2003)Veterinary Medicine – Clinical Sciences
Michael Dickey (2003)Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Margaret Blanchard (2003)Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education (STEMED)
Yingjiao Xu (2003)Department of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management (TATM)