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Creating New Concentrations (within existing degree programs)

Departments/programs that wish to create a new concentration within an existing graduate degree program must submit a formal proposal. The On-Campus Routing Form and Signature Page are required, but the item will be fully approved once approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Departments/programs may create a new concentration for Professional Science Master’s plans. Concentrations are noted on the transcripts as ‘title’ Concentration or ‘title’ Concentration: Professional Science Master’s.

The proposal should include the following:

Justification. An estimate of the current and projected demand for graduates of the proposed new degree program.

Description. Include how it differs from the existing concentration(s).

Objectives. Describe the educational objectives of the concentration.

Enrollment History. Include the enrollment history for the current program. Project the enrollment in the proposed concentration for four years and explain the basis for the projections.

Other Programs. Explain the relationship of the program to other programs currently offered at NC State, including consultation with appropriate programs (as necessary).

Concentration Requirements. List the following:

  • total hours required
  • courses by title and number
  • description of any proposed new courses (simultaneous submission of course actions in CIM for new courses is desired)
  • description of any consultation that has occurred for any required courses offered in other programs

Faculty. List faculty who will be directly involved in the proposed concentration and are generally the same as for the existing degree program. If the faculty list is different, or if new faculty are to be added, list them along with faculty rank, program, etc.

Budget. Provide estimates of any additional costs required to implement the program and identify the proposed sources of the additional required funds. This should include any additional facilities, equipment, etc.

Administration. Describe how the proposed concentration will be administered. This will generally be the same as the existing degree program.

Approval/Signatures. The proposal must be approved by the department/program, college, and the Graduate School. The On-Campus Routing Form and Signature Page should be included as part of the proposal package.