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Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Programs

Professional Science Master’s (PSM) affiliation of professional graduate programs can be granted by the appropriate nationally-recognized PSM authority for programs that are interdisciplinary STEM program in compliance with the following basic criteria:

  • more than 50% STEM
  • at least 20% PLUS (examples are: trade-specific business and/or management courses, industry interaction [case-studies, lecture series, projects with employers, and/or internship], other professional skills training)
  • active employer advisory board
  • PSM logo on all advertisement materials.

Developing a new program: Follow the standard procedures for creating a new degree program. In the proposal, indicate if everyone in the program is participating in a Professional Science Master’s or if only students in a specific concentration are participants.

Developing a new concentration in an existing degree program: Follow the standard procedures for creating a new concentration.

Changing an existing Program/concentration: Follow the standard procedures for program changes.

Once confirmation of National PSM recognition is received by the Graduate School the degree/concentration may be implemented.

The PSM will be noted on the student’s transcript as either:
“Program Name”: Professional Science Master’s , or
“Concentration Name”: Professional Science Master’s.