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Performance Based Earthquake Engineering

The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering now offers a Graduate Certificate Program (GCP) in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering. The program is intended for both working professionals and graduate students enrolled at NC State. Individuals who enroll in the program must have backgrounds in structural engineering and/or geotechnical engineering, and would select the program to provide distinction in their academic records that may improve career prospects. We expect both on-campus (primarily existing NC State graduate students), as well as distance education students through DELTA and EOL (primarily practicing professional, but also some existing EOL NC State graduate students). Each student will: (1) learn about the fundamentals of earthquake engineering through the core courses, and (2) specialize in either analysis, structural design, or geotechnical (or some combination of the three).


Ranji Ranjithan
Program Director

Jodie Gregoritsch
Admissions Contact


  • Delivery Method: On Campus, Distance