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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures for Utilizing Book, Supply, Equipment, and Travel Allowance

For All Purchases

  • The deadline for the expenditure of your book, equipment, supply and travel funds is one month prior to the end date of your appointment. All invoices must be submitted to Todd Marcks, Fellowships and Grants Administrator, by this date.
  • All expenses must be directly related to your course work or research and should be for your primary use only. These funds may NOT be used for the general operating expenses of your lab or department.
  • Any equipment/hardware purchased will remain the property of your department after you graduate.
  • Textbooks that are not related to courses necessary for the fulfillment of your degree requirements are not allowable expenses. Research-related reference books are allowable.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: All purchases, reimbursements or travel expenses must be approved by your advisor. Please have him or her sign your invoices or receipts before submitting them to the Graduate School.

Marketplace Vendors

If you are purchasing items from a supplier that is an approved Marketplace vendor, your order should be placed through the Marketplace system. Your department will need to place the order through Marketplace for you using a department account and then initiate an IDT to move the charges the fellowship account. Fellowship purchases cannot be charged directly against the fellowship accounts. You may have your department’s accounting tech contact Todd Marcks directly for the information to process the IDT.

Payments to Vendors Outside of Marketplace

  1. To make a payment directly to a vendor, contact Todd Marcks to obtain a “voucher” number. (Vendors may understand the term “purchase order” number, rather than “voucher” number.)
  2. You should receive an invoice from the vendor with the merchandise. Have your advisor sign or initial the invoice to signify that he or she agrees with the purchase. This is important for audit purposes. Send or email the invoice to Todd Marcks, and we will pay the vendor directly.
  3. NOTE: If you plan to make a purchase of over $5000, please contact Todd Marcks prior to making the purchase. Such purchases will need to go to the NC State Purchasing Department for processing to determine the appropriate vendor

Reimbursements Paid to You for Purchases of Books and Supplies (including purchases from NC State Bookstores)

  1. IMPORTANT: In order to use a receipt to process a reimbursement to you, the receipt must indicate a “$0” balance or be marked clearly as “Paid”. Otherwise, the Accounts Payable Office will only pay the vendor, not you. If your receipt does not show that you paid it, you must also submit a copy of your credit or debit card statement or a cancelled check in order for reimbursement to be made to you.
  2. Please submit original receipts. Credit card receipts or photocopies will not be accepted by the Accounts Payable Office. Receipts should show where the items were purchased and an itemized list of all purchases. If the receipt is not itemized, please attach a list describing all purchases.
  3. Have your advisor sign the receipt (or a cover sheet if multiple receipts.)
  4. Write your name on each receipt (if not pre-printed).
  5. Please tape small receipts (smaller than ½ sheet) to a sheet of paper.

NOTE: It is easiest to pay the vendor directly whenever possible since it may take up to 30 days for you to be reimbursed for payments that YOU make to vendors.

Travel Reimbursements

(NOTE: Reimbursement for travel expenses follow University guidelines and University Accounting procedures as outlined in the University Controller’s Office Travel Center. This includes reimbursement for meals at the per diem rates established by the State of North Carolina.)

  1. Prior to your trip, you must enter a travel authorization online through the MyPack Portal. If you do not have access to enter a travel authorization, please complete the non-employee travel authorization form (AP104).
  2. Upon your return, please submit your receipts for reimbursement with the travel reimbursement form.

If you have any questions regarding the above procedures, please feel free to contact Todd Marcks, Fellowships and Grants Administrator (, 919-515-1481, Campus Box 7102, 2302D College of Textiles, 1020 Main Campus Drive).