Nationally Competitive Fellowship Programs and Other Funding Opportunities

Nationally competitive fellowships are awarded directly to individual students by federal or state agencies, and/or private foundations. With some exceptions, this type of fellowship is typically tenable at any university to which a student has been admitted or is currently enrolled. For additional information on the fellowships and awards included in the listing and databases below, please contact the sponsors directly.

NC State Graduate School Nationally Competitive Fellowships Listing

Graduate Fellowships, Scholarships, and Awards

NC State Funding Information Sources

Fellowship Advising Office – Division of Academic & Student Affairs
NC State Cooperative Education Program
NC State Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Links To Other Funding Information Sources

InfoEd SPIN Database
FastWEB Financial Aid Search through the Web
“GrantsNet” — Database for Funding Opportunities in the Biological Sciences
UCLA Database of Graduate School Funding Opportunities
STEM Opportunities for Women and Minorities
NASA Graduate Student Support
Fellowships Administered by the National Research Council and Other Funding Opportunities
Fellowships and Other Programs Administered by The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Fellowships in Computer Science (Provided by the NC State Computer Science Graduate Program Office)
Pathways to Science
Graduate Student Funding Opportunities (Provided by College of Textiles)