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External reviews

External comprehensive reviews are the process by which we at NC State engage in the thoughtful and creative study and evaluation of our programs’ academic performance. It is a uniquely vertically integrated process which engages not only program faculty, outside experts, and deans from the relevant colleges, but also involves students and staff, DASA, the Graduate School, and the Provost Office.

All reviews are on hiatus till Fall 2021 due to COVID-19

The value of a thorough program review comes from clearly defined goals. As a result of participating in a comprehensive external program review, programs and departments are expected to identify strengths and areas for improvement for:

  • Curriculum: scope, relevance, efficiency, cohesion with mission
  • Enrollment: sufficiency of current enrollment and program planning
  • Budget/finance: identification of potential opportunities to redirect existing resources and/or generate and use incremental resources
  • Staffing: organization, sufficiency
  • Research: development and outputs, external recognition, funding levels and sources, administrative support
  • Faculty: sufficiency, satisfaction and performance in teaching, research and service
  • Assessment: program’s purposes and outcomes (faculty expectations for students and the program), use of data to guide continuous improvement

The external review process is under revision; the revised process is expected to present

  • Increased and intentional use of program and assessment data during completion of the self-study to provide clarity and focus and encourage data-driven decision-making.
  • Increased focus on strategic choices for programs, rather than on reporting.

More information will be posted here shortly.