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Graduate Student Support Plan

The Graduate Student Support Plan is a competitive support package used to attract top students to NC State University. Graduate students that meet the requirements below are eligible to receive health insurance and standard tuition support (for a limited number of semesters).

  • Supported on a qualifying graduate assistantship (teaching or research) or fellowship of, at least, $666.67 per month.
  • Meet the minimum enrollment requirement – Full-time, at all times.
  • Enrolled in an on-campus master’s or doctoral program. Distance Education and Graduate Certificate programs do not qualify for the Graduate Student Support Plan.

Useful Information

GSSP tuition benefits will not apply to your billing account until all GSSP eligibility requirements are actively met in the Student Information (SIS) and Human Resources (HR) systems. Please see the checklist below for one-page GSSP eligibility summary.

When all eligibility requirements are met in HR and SIS, applicable GSSP benefits should apply to your student account within 24-48 hrs. If you have not received a GSSP tuition award reflected on your student account, it is likely that one or more of the GSSP eligibility requirements have not been met in the system.

If you have questions regarding the Graduate School, the Graduate Student Support Plan, or other issues related to your graduate studies, it is important to first contact your adviser, Director of Graduate Programs, or Graduate Services Coordinator before contacting the Graduate School. Your home department faculty, staff, and administration have more specific knowledge of your individual situation.