Professional Development Programs

How effectively do YOU display key professional skills?

Across all job sectors, employers highly value workers who effectively display the following essential professional skills:

  • Teamwork and communication
  • Building trust and positive relationships
  • Initiative and flexibility
  • Critical thinking and leadership
  • Project and ambiguity management

Do you need to experience growth in these areas? If so, let us help you.

Sharpen your professional edge.

The Graduate School truly empowers graduate students and postdoctoral researchers/scholars to achieve professional success through programs that build and develop these and other key professional skills. We also offer seminars, career panels, speakers, workshops, courses, and boot camps that show students and postdocs how to articulate their skills, distinguish themselves from their competitors, and to identify transferable skills and career opportunities in academia, business/industry, government agencies, and nonprofit entities.

We offer features that endow N.C. State graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with support throughout their graduate academic tenure and establish a competitive edge for employment.

Moreover, the professional development programming we offer strongly aligns with the University’s strategic plan, the Council of Graduate Schools’ Ph.D. completion report conducted from 2004-2010, and the Council of Graduate  Schools’ Pathways Through Graduate  School and Into Careers  report published in April 2012.

Our Signature Programs

Mission & Goals

The mission of Graduate School’s professional development programs is to enhance the academic and career success of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and scholars.

To accomplish this mission, we strive to achieve two primary goals:

  • Provide professional training that prompts workforce readiness and establishes a competitive edge for employment after completing University study.
  • Provide training and support that promotes long-term career success and satisfaction.