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Jerry J. Collier Scholarship

Program Summary

The Jerry J. Collier Scholarship is a prestigious one-year award offered to a top entering graduate student who played a varsity sport at NC State University.

Evaluation and Selection

Students may not apply directly for these fellowships. Instead, they must be nominated by their prospective Directors of Graduate Programs or Department Heads, who submit nominations to the Graduate School.

Please note that nominees must be deemed eligible to receive this award according to NCAA rules. The Graduate School will contact the Director of Compliance in the NC State University Athletics Department to confirm the nominee’s eligibility. If the nominee is deemed ineligible, we will inform the nominator and will remove the nomination from consideration.

It is important to include information regarding your department’s plans to provide the nominee with a teaching assistantship, research assistantship, or a fellowship in addition to this award. Such additional funding may have an impact on whether or not the nominee would be allowed to accept this award and still be in compliance with NCAA regulations.

Selections are made by a committee appointed by the Graduate School and are based on merit criteria.

Stipend and Fellowship Tenure

The stipend level varies. Awards are for one academic year only. A renewal nomination may be submitted to continue a Collier Scholar’s appointment for one additional year. However, renewal nominations will be reviewed competitively with all other nominations.

Application Deadline

The Graduate School will send out a call for nominations to the Directors of Graduate Programs and Department Heads . The Graduate School will announce the exact deadline in the call for nominations.

For further information, please contact Dr. David Shafer, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School, at 919-515-4462 or via e-mail at